Short Line Railroads - GIS Opportunities Workshop

January 30-31, 2019


Duane D. Hong
Vice President and Co-Founder
Wi-Tronix, LLC
Duane is a Co-Founder of Wi-Tronix who works with Customer Success to help them provide stellar customer support to rail clients. Early in his career, Duane led the integration of wireless devices into the FIRE cab electronics platform, paving the way for the Wi-Tronix IoT for Rail platform we know and use today. Duane has worked with rail crews throughout the world to support their hardware installations, maintenance and training. His love of mechanical simplicity is apparent in the quality he pours into his work. In fact, he personally built the first ever Wi-PUs for Wi-Tronix. Duane graduated from the Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1997. A husband and father of three, when he isn’t running a carpool, you can find Duane at home working on his cars or pursuing his passion of photography.